Elf on a shelf ideas. 103 ideas to keep the kids amused.

Elf on a shelf ideas. 103 ideas to keep the kids amused.
Elf On A Shelf Ideas

We started doing elf on a shelf around five years ago,but last year I found myself struggling for ideas to keep the boys interested. As they get older it seems harder!

I have created a list in the hopes that I will have ideas for the full 23 days and to give others who are struggling ideas too.

Our elves show up on the morning of December 1st, bringing a few goodies such as advent calendars, colouring book and a tub of treats. They pack up and leave on the 23rd of December, when the boys wake up on Christmas eve they find a bag of goodies for each child (Christmas eve pjs & slippers, popcorn, movie and some kind of activity).

We don’t use the elves that you can buy in every single store you pass, otherwise I would be faced with millions of questions from my 7 year old, instead we use three cute little elf plushies I bought from Sainsbury’s years ago.

Although we do own a naughty green elf that resembles the “elf on a shelf ones”.

Elf On A Shelf Ideas
Buddy,Biscuit & Jinx

The List

1) Decorate the tree with Underpants.

2) Make snow angels with flour

3) Get the kids racing cars out and see who can win

4) Tying a toy up and hold at gun point

5) Taping the elf to the wall and have toy soldiers keep watch

6) Chocolate drop poop anyone? We have used a glass to sit the elf on like a toilet, left choc drops in various places around the house etc.

7) Email Santa

8) Having a nap in the tissue box

9) Make capes and have the elves hang as if they are flying.

10) Marshmallow bath

11) Fishing in the sink

12) Magic elf seeds

13) Ziplining across the room

14) Drunk on syrup

15) Lying in the fridge with cake

16) Roasting marshmallows in front of the fire.

17) Playing board games with the other toys

18) Reading a story

19) Watching a DVD

20) Teddy bear Picnic

21) Circus skills

22) Kissing booth (make one from cardboard)

23) Paper sack race with other toys

24) Toothpaste fight

25) Hide & Seek

26) Date night with Barbie

27) Bowl of spaghetti with sweets (like elf from the movie)

28) Freeze the elf then place on the bench with elsa

29) Looking at the toys in a catalogue & making a list

30) Tp the Christmas tree

31) Photocopying himself

32) Make a weight from marshmallows and straw

33) Snowball fight

34) Banana faces (draw minions on bananas)

35) Locked outside and looking through the window

36) Make a swing from toilet roll tube

37) Elf has ate all of the chocolates

38) Popcorn fight

39) Get the tractors out and race

40) Paperchain the house

41) Hidden message break the code

42) Drawing silly faces on picture frames

43) Make mini cookies

44) Make mini pancakes

45) Replace your stocking with pants

46) Write notes on toilet roll

47) Rock climb up the fire place

48) Abseiling

49) Get the reindeer and create a sleigh ride

50) Scrabble words in the bedrooms

51) Naughty words on the fridge (magnets)

52) Wrap furniture in wrapping paper

53) Wrap toilet in wrapping paper

54) Made a mess with the cheese and crackers

55) X factor auditions

56) Strictly come elfing

57) Artist elf

58) School with the other toys

59) Sleeping in a bed of marshmallows

60) Playing xbox

61) Ninja elf

62) Skiing

63) Elflympics

64) Basketball

65) Having shave

66) Testing the dog food

67) Booby trap another toy into the laundry basket

68) Spin the bottle

69) Yoga

70) Harry potter

71) Make a tv set and read the news

73) Rice krispie box cut a hole for the elf

74) Caught up in the lights

75) Teepee elf

76) Playing with mums makeup

77) Feeding the dog

78) Make a snowman from toilet roll

79) Melt the snowman with the hairdryer (use a splash of milk on the bench)

80) Doing the laundry

81) Playing Guitar

82) Drink a beer

83) Hang in the hammock

84) Candy cane sleigh

85) Using mums camera

86) Mince pie explosion

87) Christmas dvd marathon

88) Colour me elf printable

89) Noughts and crosses on marshmallows

90) Colouring in

91) Change the bedding for a christmas set

92) Replace the cushions and throws for funny Christmas ones

93) In the hoover – have another toy hoover naughty elf up

94) Breaking into the piggy bank

95) Playpark – make mini swing sets and a slide

96) Hide in the stockings

97) Making cakes

98) Cut out snowflakes and put them everywhere

99) Scuba diving in the fish tank

100) Make an elf breakfast

101) Tie down a toy on the train track ( A toy one please)

102) Create scenes from movies

103) Draw faces on the eggs

There you have 103 ideas for your good or naughty elf.

Merry Christmas & have fun.

Kelly X

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