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Well hello there…..

Hi I’m Kelly. A thirty something mum to three boys, wife to a marketing wizard, herbal tea addicted book worm. Regularly wander-lusting my way through life. Lover of food, travel and making memories with my tribe. .

Here is our story…

What is Adventures In Hooperland?

Adventures In Hooperland is I guess a family blog, telling the story of our lives, with a large emphasis on our loves & passions of family life, travel, food & photography. (and lots more)
As a family we love having adventures especially outdoor ones! Adventures In Hooperland began in October 2018 (under a different name) as a way of documenting our lives and for me to get things out of my mind, you see I am an overthinker, especially at bedtime! I have always had a love of writing so I always have a notepad and pen with me.

Who are we?

Kelly-Marie. That’s me! I write all of the posts for this blog, with a lot of input from the others. I am 31 (2018) I am mum to three wonderful boys & wife to the best husband in the world. I mainly spend my time on freelance content writing and on my blog. I am also writing a children’s book and cookery book! When I am not doing any of that, I am having fun with my family. Before Kids I was a Trauma Nurse in A&E but my main love in life is writing that is what I love to do.


Craig is my Husband. My best friend, I simply wouldn’t be without him. We get on extremely well and share many interests which I guess is why we work well together. I met Craig through mutual friends and started dating when I was 17. Fast forward 14 years later and we are still together, we have now been married for 7 years (2019). He is what I call a marketing wizard, and has many many years of experience in this sector.

We made the decision to pack up all of our belongings and move to the beautiful Scottish Countryside in 2016 but have since returned to the Lovely North East to be closer to family members who ain’t getting any younger.

We also really love Yorkshire and you will see throughout my blog how often we travel back to our favourite places.

The Boys

Adam is our first born who is now 13 years old, he is well and truly into the “teen” phase of life and loves nothing more than gaming, sports, Lego, Comics.. you know typical boy things. Adam is a very smart boy, and he loves History, Maths and Art. He is a keen biker and is always out on his mountain bike exploring.

​Toby is our joker. He loves to make people laugh. At 11 years old Toby has already been through so much in his life. Also Lego obsessed, Wrestling addict and really loves a good book. His favourite subject is Maths! (Does not get that from me!) and loves a challenge that makes him use his brain.

Elliot is our baby, our last born who is now 7, he is a cheeky, curious boy. He is my shadow! Elliot follows me wherever I go, and honestly I love it! Always thinking up ways to help others. He has a huge heart. Car, Toy Story & Lego Obsessed who loves the Gruffalo or anything Julia Donaldson related actually. Elliot is a Maths whizz and really does leave me gobsmacked sometimes. A budding movie director, he is always making movies!

We have two dogs, Summer (6) she is our Romanian rescue. She came to us at 5 month old. Not in the best shape but we successfully trained her to a high standard and she is now a therapy dog to Toby and helps calm him down when he is having a hard time with his sensory issues.

Iris (1) is our Border Collie Idiot frequently referred to as Cauliflower. Absolutely full of Beans and never fails to make us laugh. We got her at 11 weeks old and she is just so loving. She loves to be with us especially the boys and never ever stops.

More about Me

I found myself blogging quite a few years ago, but only a personal level, more like an online diary to get my thoughts out of my head before I went totally insane with zero sleep! I was too embarrassed and would wonder what people would think if I went public! You see I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder way back when I was 19, with the help of my family I have stuck two fingers up at the horrid beast and learnt to embrace who I am without the worry that would previously cripple me.

My love for writing came when I was a little girl, always thinking up stories and writing them down. I then joined the schools journalist team, creating content for the weekly paper. Thinking back I did find myself wondering why I never went into journalism as it is a real passion of mine.

We are very much a history seeking, book addicted, on the go outdoorsy family. We love to travel and see the world. We love camping and absolutely love to be outside under the stars. Although a good snuggle, a mug of hot chocolate and a great movie is always a plus in this house.

I have to confess, I am a herbal tea addict, and even though Craig tells me not to buy more I’m always finding myself  down “that” aisle in the shops.

I LOVE photography and I am always snapping pictures at any given chance and scrapbooking our adventures. I have the travel itch, ever since I was a teen I had a list of places to go. We hope to start ticking some more of those boxes very soon!

I really love to cook, and sharing that in the kitchen with the boys is something I absolutely love. We regularly bake and make some show stopping cakes so I hope to share the recipes with my readers.

If you want to get in touch with me please email :

Kelly@adventuresinhooperland.com or use the contact form

I would love to hear from you!

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Kelly X

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