Halloween costumes for kids. Plus a few easy budget friendly homemade costume ideas. ~ Blogtober day 25

Halloween costumes for kids. Plus a few easy budget friendly homemade costume ideas. ~ Blogtober day 25

It is almost Halloween, so now on my to do list is to think about costumes. The boys change their minds so much throughout the month that I have started to wait until the week before to even do anything about them.

We have bought costumes from stores before and we have made them from scratch too, for us I think it just depends on what they want to be. In the past we have visited a few events but our favourite event we used to go to back in the North East, we would try and match our costumes. One year we went as a zombie bridal party. I was the bride, Craig the groom, Adam & Toby the page boys ( Elliot does not do scary so he was at his grans) my sister was the Bridesmaid and her Boyfriend was the Best man. We spent most of the night posing for photos for other people. I love to do Special FX makeup and can do it pretty well.

This year we are having a fairly relaxed Halloween and we are not planning on going to any events (yet) but the boys have decided to dress up for our theme park visit later this week.

We have researched different costumes that stores have this year and have chosen our favourites.

Shop bought costumes

Asda ~ Always have some great costumes available and at great prices too. This year our favourites are: Maleficent & Halloween Zombie


Tesco are one of those stores that seem to alternate, one year there Halloween items are amazing then the next year its just OK. This year our favourite Costumes are… The Witch £8 & The Lightning Skeleton £8


Morrisons is my usual go to supermarket I just love everything there from the whole experience to the extremely good quality food. Favourites here are: Pumpkin Reaper £12 & Neon Zombie £12

Ideas for making your own budget costumes

I actually like making costumes from scratch, sometimes they can get costly if you need loads of materials though.

The best perfect homemade costumes that are budget friendly are the ones that use items you already have.


Have a dig through your wardrobe and see what you have that is old and tatty or something you just don’t wear anymore. A pair of jeans with some tears in them, rub some dirt on them, a bit of grass and some fake blood. A T-Shirt with some holes, dirt and fake blood. That is all you need to have a decent looking Zombie costume. Use your own makeup, if you want the best effect use some liquid latex (you can buy this for around £2.99 for a small bottle) and layer up toilet roll if you want cuts and holes.


Again similar to the Zombie, just rip some old clothes up. You can buy pretty decent masks from most of the supermarkets, in fact we just bought a werewolf mask from Asda from £5 That is all you need.


If you are on a really, really tight budget you could pop on some black trousers, a black jumper or top and use a black bag for a cape. Then using an eyeliner for the dark eye make up, red lipstick for blood or even some red food colouring, you have what you need for a great costume.

You could even visit the local charity shop and see what they have, maybe they have a girls princess dress that you could splash some fake blood on, or they might have suit trousers, shirt and jacket matched with a pair of specks. You have yourself a Clark Kent.

It really doesn’t have to be expensive. It is usually only for one day/night so don’t feel pressured to have to buy when you can make some pretty awesome costumes from the things you already have.

Makeup tip

Most people have access to makeup these days, so grab yourself a green,purple and a light brown eyeshadow practice on your hand but you have the makings of a Bruise.

The local pound store sell makeup which I have found to be the best for this sort of stuff.

If you are like me and don’t particularly like fake blood (Mainly because it takes forever to get off) Use red food dye, or red lipstick. You can also experiment on your clothes with Red nail varnish. If you are using anything on your skin for the first time always do a patch test 24 hours before to make sure you don’t have a reaction to an ingredient.

Rub some dirt on your clothes and even on you for the perfect zombie look.

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