National Trust Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts in the North East 2020

National Trust Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts in the North East 2020

National Trust Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts in the North East 2020

Now, I know Easter is a fair way away yet, but I thought I would share some info on the upcoming Easter Egg Hunts for this year with The National Trust. Although two of my boys are probably too old to enjoy a good hunt, Elliot still has a year or so left (He’s quite a young 8 year old) so I am going to milk it as long as I can (He’s my youngest baby, no growing up allowed!) Plus I am pretty sure Adam & Toby won’t say no to free chocolate.

Growing up, I never really went to events like this because because there wasn’t any, so it was either a hunt my gran had planned or we just made hard boiled eggs and decorated them. I think it is great that events like this happen and get young people involved, Not only does it get them outside enjoying the fresh air but it also gets people into National trust properties.

We have been members of The National Trust for quite along time now and we support the work they do looking after so many fantastic properties, we love the events they put on throughout the year. We really enjoy visiting and we do have our favourites that we like to go to. I am also a huge fan of Cadbury (who isn’t?) and when I first saw that they had partnered with The National Trust I thought it was fantastic!

North East properties taking part this year:


  • Allenbanks 11th & 12th, 10am – 2pm £2.50
  • Cherryburn 10th -13th, 11am-3pm £3
  • Cragside 4th – 19th, 11am-3pm £2.50
  • Gibside 10th – 13th, 10.30-4pm £2.50
  • Housesteads 1oth-13th, 11am-3pm £2.50
  • Lindisfarne castle 4th-19th, Tide varies
  • Penshaw monument 13th, 12pm – 3pm £2
  • Souter lighthouse 10th-13th, 11am-4pm £3
  • Wallington 10th-13th, 11am-4pm £2.50
  • Washington old hall, 10th-13th, 11am-4pm £2.50

Please note prices are on top of the entry fees/membership.

You can enjoy a wide range of wonderful muddy woodlands,colourful gardens and nature trails. You can get your sheet from the main entrances of the properties. You have to follow bunnies clues, once you complete the sheet simply return it to get a chocolate treat. There will be various activities to do along the way too.

National Trust is always a great day out. Have you thought about membership? It honestly saves you a fortune and if you’re anything like us, you will get back your membership worth in the first few months.

National Trust Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts in the North East 2020


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